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High Tech

IFLY15 stands for the highest quality requirements and innovative development processes

A great number of innovations all over the catamaran and the perfect match of all components allow controlled high-speed foiling experience. iFLY15 is full of innovations, e.g. in hull design, hydrofoils, rudders, automatic flight control system, two-layer wing trampoline, high performance rig…


WORLD PREMIERE: THE ROLLABLE HERU WING RIG: This new development allows sailors without a professional team and crane to enjoy the performance advantages that result from the aerodynamic superiority of a wing compared to a conventional sail. The synergy of performance à la America’s Cup, combined with ease of use. THE SOFTWING IS ROLLABLE AS A CONVENTIONAL SAIL. It is not fragile (as the delicate constructions of C-class or America’s Cup), but is similar robust as a conventional film sail. Furthermore, the wing is watertight and thus easy to erect after capsizing, as it is floating. No inverting. (The softwing rig is available as special accessory).

WORLD PREMIERE: LIGHT WIND FORESAIL «CodeF». ALLOWS UPWIND FOILING (as well as other courses/points) ALREADY IN EXTREMELY LIGHT BREEZE. We have developed the new sail configuration of «CodeF» (name derived from Code0 for fly) to avoid the disadvantages of established Genoa / Code0 / Gennaker on a foiling catamaran (tendency to bear away, heeling toward lee, disadvantages of a gennaker boom). CodeF does not require a boom (with its disadvantages like weight, statics, aerodynamics, risk of injury…). It is sailed on the leeward hull, off-center. Like this the sail pressure point can be extremely low and stern, resulting in less bear-off and higher righting moment. (CodeF available as special accessory).

AERODYNAMIC INNOVATIVE WING TRAMPOLINE CREATING LIFT. Two layers. All ropes and shock cords are hidden between the two layers, out of the way and aerodynamically neutralized. Reduced drag, also with regards to breaking waves. Optional trampoline made of airtight material to increase performance of the “deck-sweeping” mainsail by avoiding loss of pressure below the sail foot.

SCIENTIFICALLY DEVELOPED HIGH-END FOILS for early take off, high speed and maximum stability. The Foils come from the pen of Gilbert St. Blancat, who also designed the wings for the World Champion Kite Foiler from TAAROA (SWORD 2 AND RS).