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iFLY15 high speed foiling enabled by FlySafe® foil control


The foiling sport catamaran for maximum speed and maximum stable flight attitude

We Love Speed while keeping control.
Speed must be controllable.
Achieving a stable flight situation is the future of foiling sport catamarans.

We at CEC Catamaran Europe Central, are an international team of ambitious sailors, boat builders and aeronautical engineers who have turned our dream of stable foiling into reality.

iFLY15 is the series-produced flying catamaran for sailors who love high-speed sailing while having understood that it is important to stay in control of the boat.
iFLY stands for uniqueness in design and function. It’s superior Flysafe ® active foil control system autonomously supports the stable horizontal flight position in the longitudinal and lateral direction. The 4 T-Foils do not have to be operated by the sailor during sailing.

Average skilled dinghy or catamaran sailors with some trapeze experience can safely foil with the iFLY15 after only a few hours.
Quick access – immediate sensation of success – steep learning curve.
In the hand of an experienced sailor iFLY15 offers a
whole new sailing experience with previously not experienced speeds and agile maneuverability.

The flight control system, combined with numerous fine-tuned innovations, ensures safe foiling even in strong winds and rough seas..
Stable flight attitude allows pushing hard, so in good condtions, iFLY reaches high boat speed beyond 30 knots in a controllable way.


Jimmy Spithill, Skipper ORACLE TEAM USA

IFLY15 offers freedom to fly alone or in pairs. Due to the exclusive use of high-tech materials, iFLY15 is extremely rigid and weighs less than 90 kilos ready to sail. With its low weight and its state of the art hydrofoils, it is airborne in winds as low as 2Bft. / 6 Knots.

iFLY15 has a length of only 15 feet, is easy to transport, quick to get ready to sail and can be easily slipped from the beach using a conventional beach trolley.

Its sophisticated design reflects the highest demands on quality and function.

Registration in the International Formula 15 Foil Class Association allows to race in the emerging construction class.