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Highlights of iFLY15 @ 2019 French Foiling Event. Hydrofoil speed sailing.
World class stable foiling.
“La Semaine Affoilante” (French week of foiling) and Foiling experience @ UCPA sport center Hyères.
Revolution of FlySafe® active foil control, allowing top speeds AND full control / easy accessibility.
Active foil control alowing maximum power. Best performance for sailors who search the extraordinary.
iFLY15 single handed foiling with option to sail 2Up. Freedom. http://bit.ly/ifly15-foiling-week-2019


Innovation Award | Silver manus® 2019 – Sports catamaran

Innovation Award | Silver manus® 2019 – Sports catamaran

Igus ‘Manus Innovation Award’ for iFLY15 at International Hanover Trade Fair. Silver manus ® 2019 – Sports catamaran Task was the construction of a mechanical flight control system for a hydrofoil sailing ship. Electronic or hydraulic solutions are only the second choice as they require energy storage and provisioning, to name just a few challenges. […]