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iFLY15 «Ultimate» full carbon:

options and accessories

Hulls in full carbon sandwich, epoxy resin.
Decksweeper performance mainsail, 12.5 sqm, Technora laminate,
7.5m alumiunum mast, black anodized, Fiberfoam Carbon mast as an option.

iFLY15 «Ultimate» Full carbon
26.980 € 

ex tax, ex fact.

Designed in Germany
Production in Western Europe.

Pure visible carbon : crossbeams, foils, wishboom, wand system, carbon mast (optional)

trampoline black, mesh, with red foot belts (special design editions deviant).

iFLY15 hull colors 2021:

Ferrari – red
Formula1 – yellow
Brilliant – white
Graphit – grey

Other colors on demand.
With our professional design team, we can realize any individual color and special designs, e.g. sophisticated group or team designs.

Options and Accessories (at Surcharge):

Option: Fiberfoam Carbon mast, 7.5m, iFLY specific design, based on a-class design : 2.000 €

  • by choosing this option, the iFLY serial mast (black anodized aluminum) is replaced by a high-tech Fiberboam carbon mast. The carbon mast reduces weight by 4.7kg and increases sailing performance. However, the carbon mast is not recommended for double trapezing

Option: separable mast : 420€

  • The joint is made with a massive carbon sleeve inside. We did not observe any performance loss.
    The upper 2.25m of the mast can be taken off within seconds. No tools needed.
    It can be done without removing shrouds or diamonds and allows solving storage problems.
    Further this option can reduce shipping cost e.g. for overseas transport.
    Some sailors with height restrictions in the port or on their way to the water solve this by reducing thus the boat hight to 5.8m.

Option: Softwing rig for highest performance : 1.890 €

  • iFLY is delivered with a state of the art decksweeper rig (like this years A-class sails). By choosing this option, the standard sail is replaced by the Heru Softwing rig: a soft, three-dimensional structure who has similar performance gains as a solid wing (as used e.g. in AC50 / C-Class) but is not fragile, can be rolled and hoisted like a standard sail. It is waterproof and floating, making righting up after a capsize even easier.

Mainsail halyard : 240 €

  • iFLY comes with a push up main sail hoisting system (A-class style). Sailors who choose the standard decksweeper sail are free to choose the hoisting system they love more. For boats configured with the Softwing, halyard is strongly recommended.
Option: “CodeF” for light wind : 2.230 €
  • auxiliary head sail for early take off in light winds. The revolutionary

    new lightwind headsail. New developed sail configuration based on Genoa/Code0:

    (set including CodeF sail, trampoline bag, sheet, tack lines, halyard, pulleys, forestay


  • The CodeF is a light wind fore sail used from 0 to 8 knots. This sail is used both upwind and downwind to get earlier on the foils. It is stowed away if wind picks up. CodeF is an option for super light wind. Usually You will sail the iFLY15 just with the mainsail.

CodeF preparation : 490 €

(riveted and screwed cleats, lamination in hull: bow tube. CodeF preparation is needed for CodeF sailing. The option should be ordered, in case CodeF kit will be added later.)

CodeF premium option: surcharge : 480 €

High-end sail, made from a kevlar fiber laminate

Second set of length adjustable trapeze, for double trapezing: surcharge : 380 €

(Double trapezing is not recommended with carbon mast.)

Big wheel beach trolley : 590 €

Full boat cover : 890 €

Stern support : 120 € (each)

Set of Rudder and Rudder foil covers, padded,
(consisting of three pieces, transport and beach usage): 180 € (each)

Set of Daggerboard and Main foil covers, padded,
(consisting of four pieces, transport and beach usage) : 260 € (each)

Foldable maintenance bench : 120 €

Individual color / design for hulls, from / to : 1.300 € – 3.800 (individual offer)

Individual color / design for sails, from / to : 660 € – 2400€ (individual offer)

Road trailer, Harbeck CS750 diagonal model: 3.573 €

Road transport within Western-/Central Europe: 1.500 €

Pre – assembly at factory : 950 €
Complete assembly “ready to fly”, onsite, personal delivery, one day : 950 €  (plus travel cost, only available together with option “Pre-assembly at factory”)
Private coaching onsite : 950 € / day (plus travel cost, only available together with option “ready to fly”)

(all prices are ex tax, ex factory Porto, Portugal. Price list state August 2021, can be subject to change without notice) – Terms and conditions


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