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iFLY15 «Ultimate» full carbon:

Catamaran and accessories

hulls in carbon sandwich, epoxy resin, surface gelcoat,
carbon mast 7.5 m, decksweeper performance mainsail 12.5 sqm.
production in Western Europe.

iFLY15 «Ultimate» Full carbon

22.670 € ex tax, ex fact.

mast, rudder, daggerboard, foils, boom in natural carbon look.

trampoline black, mesh, with red foot belts.

iFLY15 hull colors 2018:

Formula 1 – red
Brilliant – white
Graphit – grey
Shadow- black

(other colors on demand. We can realize all kind of individual color or design wishes)

Accessories / special features list:

Optional high performance Softwing rig, surcharge 1490 €

  • iFLY is delivered with a standard decksweeper rig (like the last generation A-class sail). Choosing this option the standard rig is replaced by a Softwing rig: a soft, three-dimensional structure who has similar performance gains as a solid wing (as used e.g. in AC50 / C-Class) but is not fragile, can be rolled and hoisted like a standard sail. It is water proof and floating, making righting up after a capsize even easier.

Mainsail halyard, surcharge 200 €

  • iFLY comes with a push up main sail hoisting system (A-class style). Sailors who choose the standard decksweeper sail are free to choose the hoisting system they love more. However, if a boat is configured with the sofwing, halyard is strongly recommended.
Optional “CodeF” for light winds. New developed sail configuration based on Genoa/Code0, 2100 €
  • The CodeF is a light wind fore sail used from 0 to 8 knots. This sail is used both upwind and downwind to get earlier on the foils. It is stowed away if wind picks up. CodeF is an option for super light wind. Usually You will sail the iFLY15 just with the mainsail.
Big wheel beach trolley, surcharge 590 €

Full boat cover, surcharge, 840 €

Stern support, surcharge 120 € (each)

Rudder foils covers (spilling in two pieces), surcharge 160 € (each)

Main foils covers (spilling in four pieces), surcharge 180 € (each)

Mast protection cover   350 €

Individual color / design for hulls, from / to : 1200 € – 3.500 (individual offer)

Individual color / design for sails , from / to : 600 € – 2200€ (individual offer)

Road trailer, several models : (individual offer)

Transport, customs (if applicable) : individual offer

„Ready to sail“ package, completely assembled boat, optional on site   950 € (plus travel cost, i.a.)
Private coaching: 500 € / day

(all prices are ex tax, ex factory Porto, Portugal. Price list can be subject to change without notice) – Terms and conditions


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