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iFLY15 Presentation, Training und iFLY Foil Coaching Miami >>>

International iFLY Foiling DAYs 2023
November 24th - 27th

iFLY15 Presentation, Training and iFLY foil coaching Cayman Islands >>>

International iFLY Foiling DAYs 2023
November 11th - 22nd

iFLY15 Presentation, Training and iFLY foil coaching Kuwait >>>

International iFLY Foiling DAYs 2023
October 10th - 16th

Salon Nautique 2023 - ``Les Occasions du Multicoque`` - at Canet En Roussillon / Frankreich >>>

Presentation du iFLY15 - 5.-7. Oct. 2023 - Canet En Roussillon / France
SAMEDI 07 - 14h: Conférence « Foiling is dead. Long live Foiling 2.0. – le iFLY15 catamaran à foil » de Michael Miller
Au salon du du bateau ``Les Occasions du Multicoque`` - 100% Multicoques. Il existe des options pour le coaching iFLY foil

Régate de voile - Championnat européen de foiling

International sailing race for all iFLY15 owners.
12.-16. Juliet 2023 - Versoix, Lake-Geneva, Switzerland

Événement iFLY MIAMI- Foiling Days USA
iFLY FOILING DAYS 2023, Miami -USA --- Inscription et plus d'informations --->

Présentation iFLY15, 14 avril, 17h30-19h, Miami Yacht Club. Séances de coaching exclusives. 01 - 16 avril 2023, MIAMI - FLORIDE - USA. Ouvert aux navigateurs de tous niveaux :
Si vous êtes intéressé à naviguer sur l'iFLY et à profiter d'un encadrement de haut niveau. Il y a un nombre très limité de sessions de coaching disponibles.

catamaran - voile à foil
Exclusive iFLY Coaching 2023 --- Registration form download here --->

Open for sailors of all skill levels: March 08th - 20th 2023, Torbole, Lake Garda.
If you are interested in sailing the iFLY and enjoying high level coaching. There are a very limited number of available coaching sessions.

Régates de foil , catamaran à foil, volant


Régate de voile - Championnat européen de foiling

International sailing race for all iFLY15 owners.
4.-10. September 2021 - Geneva, Switzerland

postponed to 2022 --- World record attempt 2021 across the Channel - iFLY15 single-handed 15ft. - More Info >>

postponed to 2022 --- Standby 15.Juli – 8.Aug. 2021 - iFLY15 will be on standby for a favourable weather window at Stokes Bay Sailing Club.

foiling performance - ifly
iFLY15 - test sailing events - contact pour réservation >>

iFLY15 - various locations
Germany Lake Ammersee:. 2021 May 9-23
Geneva, Swizzerland Société Nautique - : 2021 July 8-10

iFLY15 at foilingweek 2020 Lake Garda.

September 17th to 20th Foiling Week 2020 at Fraglia Vela Malcesine - Italy

Interessiert Ifly15 test sailing event, Geneva, June 7-15th >>> https://iflysail.com/ifly15-news-foiling/ or email >>> contact@iFLYsail.com

iFLY test sailing @ Geneva. June 8th-15th. Exclusive event with the designer of the iFLY15. Test sailing, meeting iFLY owners, Insights... Half day sessions.
Very limited number of participants, only after registration

iFLY15 États-Unis - voile foil - catamaran volant
THE CREATOR OF IFLY15 IS COMING TO THE USA - get in touch with us >>>>>

GET YOUR IFLY15 in the USA - iFLY15 is coming to the USA - January 13th - February 5th 2020
The creator of the iFLY15 is coming to the USA, foiling catamarans available in Miami (FL) United States : UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY :
No foiling experience required. Average sailing skills on dinghy or beach catamaran is sufficient to fly within the first session. Mixed training mode with both, coach and sailor on one boat, as well as coach on the rib and single handed foiling with radio communication.

event location:
Miami Yacht Club MYC, 1001 MacArthur Causeway, Miami, FL 33132, USA
Get your iFLY now
exclusive handover : meet the designer of the iFLY, who will assemble and perfectly fine adjust Your new iFLY with You, ready to fly.
Get all the tips and tricks.
Optional: Get a personal foiling coaching.

iFLY15 single-handed 15ft. Hydrofoil beach-catamaran to fly across the Channel - More Info >>

After iFLY15 - Great Britain Tour 2019 // From 5th of September the iFLY15 will be on standby for a favourable weather window at Stokes Bay Sailing Club. The boat is on public display from the 1st of September and for test sailing.

iFLY15 - Great Britain Tour 2019 - reservation for testsailing >>

iFLY15 - Great Britain Tour 2019 // starting August 9th 2019
Portsmouth // Cowes Week 2019 // Weymouth

iFLY15, owners Event 2019 with training, racing and foiling school
iFLY15 owners Event 2019. Registration open now

Owners event 2019 with training, racing and lot more.
Italy, Lake Garda, Malcesine 06/07/2019 to 14/07/2019

iFLY15 at foilingweek 2019 Lake Garda.

Italy, Lake Garda, Malcesine 10/07/2019 to 14/07/2019

Port-Fréjus, France, foiling week 1.- 4. May 2019

iFLY15 participating at French Week of Foiling / Semaine Affoilante : 1.- 4. mai 2019, Port-Fréjus, France

UCPA foiling with ifly15| ifly sail
UCPA Hyères is now iFLY15 sailing center - book now

Starting April 2019 UCPA centre Hyères is the first sailing school in France to offer iFLY15 sailing.
Try&Fly sessions as well as iFLY Foiling courses will now take place in world famous waters of Hyères, French Riviera.

Stickl foiling camp Logo - Testsegeln für den iFLY15
iFLY15 Try&Fly and Foiling courses in Italy: Lake Garda, Malcesine. Start 29.March - all 2019 season. Now two iFLY15 available.

Test sail the iFLY15 in perfect conditions at Lake Garda in professional sailing school : www.stickl.com.
Try&Fly (2h, 3h) as well as Foiling courses (4 days or days WE). Season starting 29.3.2019 - Reservation for test sailing and foiling courses now.

Sail foiling iFLY15 movie Vorwaertsdrang
``Vorwärtsdrang`` - the movie

iFLY15 in the movie ``Vorwärtsdrang``.
11 athletes. 7 stories. 1 thought: we want to continue. In ``Vorwärtsdrang`` we accompany the most different athletes on their way to success.
From November to February, the movie ``Vorwärtsdrang`` is shown in nearly 80 auditoriums.
November 22, 2019, 19.00h, HM Cinema - HAW Munich

iFLY15 at foilingweek 2018 Lake Garda.

1st place in TFW regatta (category single handed foilers) : Malcesine 28/06/2018 to 01/07/2018

Automatic Foils of iFLY15
iFLY15 - test sailing with the developper

iFLY15: test sailing in Malcesine at Lake Garda
20. october - 1. november 2017

iFly 15 bei der Interboot 2017 boatshow
iFLY15 at INTERBOOT 2017 Friedrichshafen.

Daily on stage at
IBN Bühne, Halle A3 - 310
Foiling Arena, Halle A1 - 407

Foiling Week - Logo
IFLY15 at Foiling Week 2017, Malcesine, Garda Lake

July 6th to 9th : TFW Foiling Week, Malcesine, Garda Lake. www.foilingweek.com