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iFLY15 USA premiere: demo and test sailing at Miami Yacht Club, January 13th – February 5th

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iFLY15 USA premiere: demo and test sailing at Miami Yacht Club, January 13th – February 5th

iFLY15 USA premiere: demo and test sailing at Miami Yacht Club, January 13th – February 5th

iFLY15 in the USA - foiling sailboat - hydrofoil catamaran
Get your iFLY15 – The creator of iFLY15 is coming to the USA
January 13th – February 5th 2020 Miami (FL) – Miami Yacht Club

Sail the iFLY15 together with the designer. Get a personal training and a unique foiling experience.

Reservation required: contact@iFLYsail.com

No foiling experience required. Average sailing skills on dinghy or beach catamaran is sufficient to fly within the first session. Mixed training mode with both, coach and sailor on one boat, as well as coach on the rib and single handed foiling with radio communication.

event location:

Miami Yacht Club MYC, 1001 MacArthur Causeway, Miami, FL 33132, USA

One iFLY15 available from Miami container:

exclusive handover : meet the designer of the iFLY, who will assemble and perfectly fine adjust Your new iFLY with You, ready to fly.
Get all the tips and tricks.
Optional: Get a personal foiling coaching.

One iFLY15 available from Miami container : exclusive USA package, personal handover at Miami Yacht Club, January 6th-21st. iFLY15 Ultimate full carbone, 2020 Model, including exclusive delivery package: 2 full days with the designer of the iFLY: assembly and perfect fine adjustment ready to fly, personal training on the water, technical introduction, tips and tricks. There is now one boat available from the Miami container. Boat is Ferrari red, full exclusive line equipped: Fiberfoam carbon mast, full carbon hulls, carbon-titan 2020 high-end foils, flight control system FlySafe®, decksweeper Wingsail 2020 model (Heru Softwing innovation), carbon wishboom, telescopic tiller stick, all covers, bags, beachtrolley, stern support, CodeF preparation… Package price is 39.500 US$, including all shipping cost from Europe, customs, land transport… and of course the 2 days delivery event in Miami, with the creator of the boat. This offer is only valid for the remaining boat of the Miami container, exclusive delivery at Miami Yacht Club between January 6th to 21st. Booking and information : contact@iFLYsail.com

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There is currently one iFLY15 left
for this exclusive handover option.
First come, first serve

to contact us for reservation
and for all questions around how to get Your iFLY

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if You should not be ready yet to take this chance to get Your own iFLY, contact us for making an appointment for seeing or test sailing the iFLY15

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> iFLY15 winning Foiling Week 2019 “All Foilers” racing <<<

      You’re Invited!  –  iFLY15 USA presentation

Ernst-Michael Miller, the designer of the iFLY15 and owner of Catamaran Europe Central (CEC Catamarans GmbH), will be a guest at the MYC with three iFLY15 catamarans from January 13 through February 5, 2020.


The Miami Yacht Club invites you to meet the designer, view the iFLY15 ’s and enjoy a presentation detailing its performance characteristics and achievements on:

Sunday, January 26, 2020 from 18:00-19:30

Be at the club by 15:30 and jump on a boat to observe the iFLY15 foiling on Miramar just North of the Venetian Causeway from 16:00-16:45. Back at the dock at 17:15 in time for drinks and the presentation.

For more information about iFLY15 demo and promotion activities scheduled at the MYC, please visit: https://iflysail.com/ifly15-usa/

Here are videos showcasing the vessel’s capabilities: https://www.youtube.com/c/iFLY15-FoilingCatamaran

Potential buyers and interested sailors can sign up for an iFLY15 test-drive with foiling coaching from Michael.

Scheduled Demos / test sailing:

Weekends of January 25 & 26 and February 1 & 2, with demos from 09:00-12:30 and 14:00-17:30.

Wednesdays January 22 & 29, with demos from 14:00 -17:30.

Individual Demos:

Potential buyers can additionally arrange for individual demonstrations during the week at times most convenient to them

For all scheduling, please contact Michael directly at: emichael@iflysail.com

The most distinctive feature of the iFLY15 is the combination of stable flight with high performance. This is achieved by high-tech components, such as solid carbon-titanium foils and the patented FlySafe® technology. The advanced mechanical flight control system employs aviation technology to actively stabilize the horizontal flight attitude, longitudinally and laterally.

About the designer: Michael is a German aviation engineer. After having run several engineering companies and working for Airbus and BMW he made his passion his profession and founded the iFLY15 project by bringing together an interdisciplinary team of 20 international sailing and avionics experts from all over the world. Since 2015, he has devoted 100% of his time, energy and love to iFLY.

The boat has been flying since 2016, and 40 iFLYs exist worldwide. 2020 production is 50 units/year. The iFLY15 lifts off in as little as 5-6 kts. In 6 kts. of wind, she reaches 14kts. of boat speed. Currently, the highest recorded speed on the iFLY15 is 33kts. Even at 33 kts., she remains fully under control and iFLY15 can slow down quickly at any time.

The iFLY credo:  > We love SPEED while keeping CONTROL <

Miami Yacht Club www.miamiyachtclub.com