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The Race around Texel
Line Honours single-Handed for iFLY

The Round Texel Race – “Ronde om Texel is the world’s largest catamaran sailing race. Every year, over 300 catamarans compete on the water intending to sail around the island of Texel as fast as possible! Both amateur sailors and the international sailing elite participated in this race. In recent years, the race has grown into a major public event with thousands of visitors.

This year the start of the 2024 race was on Saturday 8 June.

iFLY on Winning Course at Round Texel Race single-handed – A Spectacular RACE

iFLY single-handed – first ship home – Round Texel Race

In a thrilling display of speed and agility, the iFLY proved its mettle. The iFLY RAZZOR Pro showcased its superior performance and cutting-edge technology in this race. Michael CEO of CEC Catamarans GMbH and regatta sailor single-handedly and first ship home on the iFLY, shared his experience:

“On the first (downwind) leg northwards, wind was light and strong current made it even weaker. At the same time, the westerly sea state was quite big. During this leg, foiling was on the lower edge of light wind. You know what this means for the VMG (velocity made good). At least I can say for sure, nobody else in the fleet sailed a longer distance than me. In the shallows to VC buoy I took it conservative, foils up. From VC buoy on, I passed a big part of the fleet at mind-blowing speeds, with strong wind gusting 25 kts and in the south, a very wild sea state (current against wind). All this was no problem, but little wind in combination with big waves are not ideal for a foiler. Anyway, during the fast part of the race I overtook them all and took line honors (single-handed catamarans), leaving many F18 and even N20 behind.”

Ready for the Start

It is special to see how the boats are prepared and then take to the water. The start and finish take place at Paal 17, on the west side of the island. The starting line is just off the coast and is marked by two large starting ships and a helicopter with smoke signals.

The exact start time depends on the current and wind and will be announced the morning of the race during the Skippers briefing.

From Paal 17, the catamarans depart towards the lighthouse. This is a critical point of the race: if they arrive at the lighthouse too late, they will have the current against them and unfortunately have to abandon the race. Otherwise, they sail on towards Oudeschild.

They then cross the Marsdiep where the confrontation with the TESO boat is also always an exciting part. From the Marsdiep, they sail on to the finish line at Paal 17.

Experience the Excitement

The Round Texel Race is not just a competition but a celebration of sailing prowess and the spirit of adventure. Whether you’re a participant or a spectator, the race offers an unforgettable experience of speed, strategy, and sailing skill. Mark your calendars and be part of this iconic event in 2024!

iFLY Results Round Texel 2024