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Yacht-online: Record attempt: with 15-foot hydrofoil catamaran over the channel. (German Edition)

A German-Swiss duo sails with an iFly 15 from Cowes to Dinard. The speed is to deliver a new type of sail.
Lars Bolle on 05.09.2019

Catsailingnews: Foiling Week 2019 by Martina Orsini (Vol I)

Excellent images as always by Martina Orsini from the 2019 Foiling Week Edition.
In the Wand / T Foil / Flap system recreational foilers Michael Miller with the iFly15.

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Yacht-online: Foiling Special - What you should know about foiling. (German Edition)

Foils are even in serial manufactured boats and change the world of sailing. Which models are recommended.
Felix Keßler, Jochen Rieker, Michael Good, Lars Bolle am 13.09.2018

Multihulls World
Multihulls World - Issue no: 154

Published: July / August 2017
``This summer, it’s decided, I’m getting back into sports cats… Discovering the iFly15``

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Yacht-online: Waszp, Whisper und iFly 15 Test - Foiling (German Edition)

To foil a boat, was previously reserved for real experts. With these three foilers, however, it can do everyone, who can also sail dinghy.
Lars Bolle on July 4, 2017

iFLY15 le premier catamaran à foils grand public commercialisé dès cet été

Publié par: la rédaction 28 mars 2017
Les foils sont en train de révolutionner le monde du nautisme. Destinés jusqu'à maintenant à des voiliers de courses, ils commencent à arriver sur le marché grand public.
C'est le cas avec l'iFLY15 dont le concepteur, le bavarois Ernst-Michael Miller, annonce sa commercialisation dès le mois de mai prochain.

iFLY15 at Salon Nautique Paris
I-Fly 15 new soft wing @Salon Nautique Paris | Catamaran Racing ...

Dec 5, 2016 ... This version of the I-Fly could make some waves with a 8.4mts mast. Still I don´t like wands to race on cats (Optimized 4pt foiling will be the best ...

iFly 15 in Detail | Catamaran Racing, News & Design

Oct 11, 2016 … Foiling catamaran for flying SOLO OR OPTIONAL WITH CREW. … NEW EMERGING CONSTRUCTION CLASS «International Formula Foil 15»