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iFLY15 single-handed 15ft. Hydrofoil Beach-Catamaran Va survoler la Manche

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iFLY15 single-handed  15ft. Hydrofoil Beach-Catamaran Va survoler la Manche

iFLY15 single-handed 15ft. Hydrofoil Beach-Catamaran Va survoler la Manche

Standby for the record attempt Cowes to Dinard-Saint Malo from the 5th of September at SBSC Stokes Bay Sailing Club.

The iFLY15 Hydrofoil catamaran is sailing in UK for the first time. During August and the first week of September it is possible to have a test flight and meet the designer E-Michael Miller at the tour’s stations, Weymouth and Stokes Bay (Reservations: contact@iFLYsail.com ).

When leaving the UK, the 15ft. single-handed foiling beach-catamaran will be sailed back to the continent from Stokes Bay Sailing Club. The brave record attempt for the official WSSRC distance Cowes to Dinard-Saint Malo is a big challenge for the small boat, crossing the channel by this especially rough route.  

The iFLY15 will be sailed by Yo Wiebel, world record holder of the 24h distance on a sport catamaran.

From 5th of September the iFLY15 will be on standby for a favourable weather window at Stokes Bay Sailing Club. The boat is on public display from the 1st of September and for test sailing.

iFLY15 is a 15ft. foiling catamaran with a 4 T-Foil configuration and a next generation active foil control. The FlySafe® mechanic flight control technology does not need to be operated by the sailor as it continuously supports stable flight.  

Together with other specific design features and innovations this smart boat is “born to fly”, providing unmatched flight stability allowing the iFLY15 to maintain high speeds beyond 28kts and still remain in control.

The unique flight control system FlySafe® makes it possible to foil in stronger winds and chop – conditions usually deemed unsuitable for foiling boats.

During the SailGP races on Sunday 11th August, iFLY15 was foiling off the Cowes arena in winds of 25-30kts. See video at: www.bit.ly/Cowes_SailGP

In conditions stronger than this iFLY15 can be switched to “No Fly mode” with one flick of the wrist. The lift is reduced to prevent take off yet iFLY15 maintains its agility.

This is also the setting of choice in very light winds below 6kts, reducing drag when not flying.

The lower wind range for flying is around 7kt s. the 80kg light full carbon platform will then reach speeds more than double the true wind speed. 

iFLY15 is a unique hybrid, being both high performance and accessible.

Winning this year’s Garda Foiling Week, All Foiler’s Series on one hand, and on the other receiving this testimonial from Francois Gabart (record holder Round the World, single handed, nonstop in 42.7 days) after trying the iFLY15:

It was really great. It is a new boat that I didn’t know so far. Very stable, extraordinary stable. It is extremely interesting, because you immediately see the accessibility of the boat. Almost for anyone, who does a little bit of sailing. You just jump on the boat and it is stable flying. It is even flying in light winds. In my opinion a great boat to access flying on the water/foiling”.

 iFLY15 is usually sailed single-handed but can fly with crew, as well, up to a combined weight of 160kg. The boat is easy to beach and handle on land with a conventional beach trolley, and the foil setup allows sailing in shallow waters whilst maintaining maneuverability.

The vision was to develop a flying boat that is accessible and suitable for everyday use by non-professional sailors and at the same time be high performing without loss of control. »

E-Michael Miller, the German avionics engineer, the man behind iFLY15.

“We love SPEED while keeping CONTROL”. In its first three years of sailing and the series production of 35 boats to date, iFLY15 has proven to be an accessible racing boat.

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