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Innovation Award | Silver manus® 2019 – Sports catamaran

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Innovation Award | Silver manus® 2019 – Sports catamaran

Innovation Award | Silver manus® 2019 – Sports catamaran

Igus ‘Manus Innovation Award’ for foil control of iFLY15 at International Hanover Trade Fair.

award for the foil control system

Silver manus ® 2019 – Sports catamaran

Task was the construction of a mechanical flight control system (foil control) for a hydrofoil sailing ship. Electronic or hydraulic solutions are only the second choice as they require energy storage and provisioning, to name just a few challenges. Various products from the igubal® and drylin® product groups now ensure the function of the “iFLY15” sports catamaran, a sailboat that lifts itself completely out of the water on hydrofoils.

Tight tolerances for appropriate control precision and high reliability of the components are absolute prerequisites. The components have to withstand a variety of environmental conditions, such as moisture, extreme temperature fluctuations, impact loads from flotsam, and more. Freedom from lubrication is of particular importance: On the one hand, the bearings should be maintenance-free, but there is practically no maintenance in everyday life. On the other hand, a lubrication would attract dust and sand from the ship berth and damage the bearings quickly. Since it is an application in a recreational sports equipment for private individuals, the construction must remain affordable. These requirements are fulfilled by the igus® products.

more information – English:  https://www.igus.eu/info/manus-catamaran


mehr Information – Deutsch: https://www.igus.de/info/manus-catamaran