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iFLY15 // SailGP

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iFLY15 // SailGP

iFLY15 // SailGP

iFLY15 Foiling in 25 knots of wind during SailGP Cowes

iFLY15 Hydrofoil Catamaran foiling in strong winds of 25 knots – gusting 30knots (windfinder data).

Video taken while sailing in Cowes SailGP area. GP racing started only 2 hours later, as waiting for wind and chop to drop. When wind had droped, SailGP was started, being considered the most extreme ever.

Some quotations:
Tom Slingsby:

” ha, ha, that was extreme, it doesn’t get any more extreme than that, well, on that first reach we were just trying to keep the boat in the air”

“This is the windiest conditions these teams have ever sailed in, nevermind raced in”

“Are these survival conditions? Yes, You need to survive, but if You do back off, it does not really work very well. Keeping the boats over the water, especially with the chop we are having here, will be really very important.”

“Just how big is the chop out there… is it still rolling? Well, it started off very, very big, now it has dropped off slightly, but I would call it extremely choppy.”

“it is really extreme, not only is it windy, but You can see the sea state is really big… but for now this is right on the edge”

“undoubtedly You have just watched the most exciting Grand Prix of the championship … the most exciting racing on the series so far, the conditions were up, the sea state was up and that proved very challenging for most of the teams”

“the sailors, I don’t think anyone of the really truly enjoyed that except from when they crossed the finish line”

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Formula fifteen meets Formula fifty

Visiting the F50 SailGP with iFLY15 Formula Foil.

David & Goliath, both going for some serious foiling in rough conditions: iFLY15 foiling in 25 knots of wind, gusting 30kts. before SailGP racing. Some impressive close-ups of the big boys on the journey there. Racing of the F50s was postponed, waiting for the wind and chop to drop. Finally SailGP racing started 2h later, in 22knots, gusting 25kts. Enjoy strong pictures of extreme Foiling.

Stable foiling in rough conditions on a single handed flying boat as the iFLY15 is enabled by FlySafe® active foil control system. FlySafe® allows to reach and maintain high speeds and good vmg while staying in control of the boat. It also allows an easy accessibility to foiling and a steep learning curve. FlySafe® is a patent pending technology developed by CEC Catamarans GmbH.