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iFLY15 Coaching – Lake Garda – Italy

you are interested in sailing the iFLY and enjoying high level coaching.
There are a very limited number of available coaching sessions.

Exclusive iFLY Coaching with the developer of the iFLY, open for sailors of all skill levels:
March 08th – 20th 2023, Torbole, Lake Garda.

We love speed – Join the adventure!

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    See the latest video about a Laser sailor’s coaching experience, first flight and fast learning curve on iFLY >> no experience with catamarans >> no experience with trapeze sailing >> no foiling ever before

    It all started with an email to iFLY: I am 52 years old, in some way an experienced sailor, not with catamarans and not with foiling. Most of the time I’ve been sailing a Laser.
    Due to my age, sailing a IFly15 feels more like a Bucket List thing, but on the other hand why not a strong believe in going for the next level”

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    iFLY15 – customer reviews

    ⭐ ⭐   
    Marcus Lynch, professional sailor and Olympic coach, GC32 Oman, Nacra17

    « Less crashing is more fun and you have a product that is forgiving and therefore more user friendly for sailors that are not on the water 150 days or more per year. Bringing foiling catamarans to people who want to go foiling on catamarans in their leisure time. Or for those that have more time. »

    ⭐ ⭐   
    Philip Walker, recreational / family sailor from Switzerland, Lake Murten:

    « As a mid-40 year-old with 3 young children, a busy life, moderate fitness, some past but no recent sailing and windsurfing experience, but absolutely no catamaran experience; I watched the same iFly15 youtube videos you have, I eyed the price tag and then for a long while I just sat there on the fence with excuses. When was I really going to find the time to sail the thing, was this not just an expensive mid-life crisis toy? was I even going to be able to sail it, how was I going to get it out of the harbour without crashing, could I right it if I capsized, what if I could not control it? The indecision was my comfort zone, not taking the plunge into the unknown was in my safe place. And then I finally took the plunge, I deserved something for me, and those youtube videos just looked like too much damn fun! Still feeling like this could be an expensive mistake, Michael came to assemble the boat, and to be honest gave me a crash course in all things catamaran. We went out on the water together, the two of us out on the trapeze, and for several glorious runs we foiled, I was immediately hooked! Several weeks later came the tough part, just me, 11-15 knots of wind, white caps, and my iFly15. The excuses and fears came back. Last time it was easy, but that was all Michael, he isn’t here now, this time it was just me. Apprehension, fear, the unknown. I followed the steps in setting the boat up, got the boat out without incident and despite my fears multiple foiling runs, out on the trapeze, speed, whining sound of foils in the water, the full monty! I capsized once and that was not because of being overpowered it was because I lost my footing, and righting the boat went smoothly and without incident. The secret of the iFly15 is it is a highly technical machine made to be easy to sail and incredibly accessible. It is compact with not too much sail area and it is very easy to take the power out of the sail and to comfortably sit in an upward position and catch your breath. Safe and in control, on my first day alone out on the water I finally understood what a great boat this is, and I absolutely love it. »

    ⭐ ⭐   
    Paula McIntosh, Palma de Mallorca:

    « I am sailing racing yachts, but do not have any experience on dinghies or beach catamarans, and I never did trapeze sailing.
    As I absolutely wanted to experience foiling I took a private lesson on the iFLY15. It was overwhelming! I would never have imagined to experience this sensation, with my sailing skills: I really had my first flight already during the initial session! Despite my missing experience on small boats.

    First, I did not even realize I was already flying, the take off was so smooth. Then I noticed that it became calm, while the boat was accelerating big game. My heart was rejoicing and I could feel my blood pulsating through my body when I recognized the stunning boat speed. For me it was extremely reassuring to see the flight assistance system supporting my efforts to keep the boat flat by main sheet work. There was plenty of adrenaline and it was also a bit scary to see the two hulls flying so high above the waves. It was obvious that I could not have kept the flight under control if there wasn’t the system actively adjusting the foils. Even like that, it was a big challenge for me, especially to stay very sensitive on the helm. The smallest rudder deflection has big effects. The rudder is very precise, game free and there is zero rudder force. But the agility was very unfamiliar for me.

    My first flight on iFLY was breathtaking and very long, more than 2 miles without touching the water. I ended up in a capsize during a non-intended tack, where I just wanted to head up to windward. By standing on the daggerboard and holding myself on the upper foil my 55kg were enough to righten the boat effortless within a very short time. I did a lot more flying on this afternoon, downwind while sitting on the trampoline and reaching and upwind foiling while trapezing. Hiking out was obviously a big challenge, as I just have been learning it today.

    When learning how to go out in the trapeze and how to come in without changing heading I loved especially one thing: I found it brilliant, that by just pulling a rope in a cleat, the iFLY can be set in no time in NoFly mode. NoFly is a setting, where the boat does not take off. It then can be sailed as any normal catamaran. This allowed me to calmly familiarize myself with the boat and with the new technique of trapezing. Sometimes it happened that I ended up standing against the wind or even tacking, but still I never capsized to windward. The width of 2.5m of the platform and the huge amount of buoyancy kept the boat flat. During the first half hour, iFLY was my beginners platform to adapt my sailing skills. Fastest learning curve ever! At the end of the session I was jubilating while standing full foiling in the trapeze.  »

    ⭐ ⭐   
    Heinz Stickl, founder of sailing school Stickl Foiling Camp, Malcesine, Lake Garda, Italy:

    « iFLY15, the foiling catamaran with the best performance, the most stable flight attitude and maximum safety. »

    ⭐ ⭐   
    Mathieu, Paris

    « As a busy entrepreneur with a young family I do not have the time to learn foiling the hard way.
    My scarce free time, I want to enjoy it, and I do not want to spend it suffering from permanent crashing and capsizing. And also I am in a responsible position professionally and do not like to take unreasonable risks.
    On the other hand, I want to feel the sensation of foiling and enjoy the speed. It makes me feel alive and free. I was searching for a high performance fun foiler.
    On iFLY I had an immediate feeling of success already on the first day of foiling, and since that day a fast learning curve. I lately mastered my first foiling gybes and it makes me very happy to be able to achieve this.
    Today, it is very nice to see my wife and the kids having fun when I take them for a flight in moderate conditions.
    When I am sailing alone, I like to rise to a challenge and I enjoy pushing hard also in strong conditions, but always have the feeling of staying in control of the boat. »

    ⭐ ⭐   
    Paolo, after first time testing the iFLY at Foiling Week:

    « Starting from the very beginning, the experience is literally amazing. You know why?
    You can get on the foil really fast and easy.
    It was the first time and I think after 2 minutes I started foiling. So easy. An easy way to approach foiling!
    I tried different other foiling monohull and catamarans. But actually on iFLY this is super easy and super stable. I did not get the feeling to go up to speed without control. Everything was quite under control. Even from the very beginning. »

    ⭐ ⭐   
    Martin Philippe, Paris/Normandie:

    « You are maybe interested by IFLY. I am IFLY sailor since July 2022 and i will share some feedbacks.
    I was sailing in Hong Kong. I owned a HC16 for 3 years, then a Nacra Infusion F18 for 2years. I did some regatta, often to participate, sometimes to win. The club was quite competitive.

    I had to relocate to Europe and sell my boat. I started to watch sailing video on YouTube. I tried Wasp for 3 sessions. But I found it was complicated to fly, and not possible at all bellow 15kn (I am a 1.93m 100kg sailor…). I thought to buy an used flying phantom. My issue was to find a stable crew with enough experience. And I knew the boat was very complicated to sail.

    Then I found IFLY. I started to chat with Michael. I was very surprised by the regatta video against F18 fleet. This boat is so fast, smoking everyone… Will I enjoy a boat with a flying system, sailing was for me constant adjustments to optimize the boat? Just after Christmas, I bought the boat for the next sailing session.

    Michael came to Normandy. We assembled the boat. He coached me, in particular the different procedures, in almost no wind.

    I had the wait my third session to have good conditions. Upwind the boat is very easy to sail, flying above the water. With 1.5m waves, ifly stays almost all the time above water, while all other boats around me were returning to the beach, or sinking after every wave. I reached 18kn speed and stable flying conditions. My previous sailing experience allowed me to quickly managed flying in 5bf wind. The boat is crazy fast and stable. Playing with the main sheet and trapeze high.
    I had to use once the « no fly mode » because the wind picked up and returned safely.
    Downwind was a bit more tricky. I had a training by phone with Michael. And the next session with code F(you really need it, you can start flying bellow 10kn…), i understood stable flight. And when you understand the boat, you can fly without landing for miles. This is the future of sailing.

    Foiling is accessible. You will fly with a little bit of practice. In 10kn wind, you fly at 18kn. When you start regularly to sail above 15/20kn, you need to trust your boat. Flying with a flying control allows you push harder. After three weeks of holidays and 10 sailing sessions, I can write that IFLY is the best choice for me!

    In Normandy, I own the only foiling boat of the area. After a few foiling session parallel to the beach, many people came to see the boat, asked questions. My wife compared IFLY to a beautiful girl, a top model… This boat is the fastest, the most beautiful boat. I chose red. Everyone turns around just to see IFLY. Sailing instructors wants to know more about her. Then they have a look for the man next to the top model. Who is he? Does he deserve her? I am 40years old and wanted to have something special. This boat has something special. My wife smiled and added  that I changed boat, but i kept the same wife!

    You will love IFLY! »

    ⭐ ⭐   
    iFLY15 test report by François Gabart, record holder around the World single handed, nonstop (42,7 days), and sensational winner of the Vendee Globe.

    Gabart has test sailed the iFLY15 after the races of Foiling Week Garda 2019. iFLY15 had won the races as fastest boat in the „All Foilers“ category.
    François Gabart :
    « It was really great. It is a new boat that I didn’t know so far. Very stable, extraordinary stable. It is extremely interesting, because You immediately see the accessibility of the boat. Almost for anyone, who does a little bit of sailing. You just jump on the boat and it is stable flying. It is even flying in light winds. In my opinion a great boat to access flying on the water / foiling. »
    « What’s for sure, it is easy. The boat is easy to control. As a matter of fact. At the rudder, it goes straight in a civilized way. »
    « There is just to let the boat go by itself, stabilize itself, and this is super enjoyable. »
    « I think the big, big highlight is it’s accessibility. It’s true, and it’s an important issue. Because today only some few sailors have the chance to fly on the water. »
    « as many people as possible should get the chance to experience that awesome sensation of flying. It’s great, and this is indeed one of the boats allowing it. »

    ⭐ ⭐   
    Roy Ballentine, 70yrs.,  iFLY owner from Wolfeboro, NH, USA, published a review on Google / Facebook:

    « To fellow sailors who love the thrill of sailing with speed while maintaining control, this is a brief summary of my experience with the iFly 15 after sailing one for a year.  I am just beginning my second season with the boat.

    BUY ONE!  You will be glad you did.  If you don’t do it now, you will just be another year older, and have missed out on a whole year of fun, by the time you get around to buying one.

    The boat is all that CEC promises it to be, and more.  It is very well-designed, easy to sail, and very durable.  I went with the wing sail and the new foresail.  I am very glad I did.  The wing is very powerful, and in the event of capsize (which is a rare event due to excellent control) prevents the boat from turning turtle.

    The foresail extends the boat’s range of foiling capability down to wind speeds of about 7 kts for a sailor weighing about 95 kilos.  That adds a lot of days of foiling to my sailing season.

    The flight controls work perfectly.  Flight is very stable.  The controls are also very easy to adjust, although that should not be necessary since the boat arrives perfectly set up at the factory.

    Durability is excellent.  My first time out I experienced a very hard hit on the tip of my starboard main foil when I hit something in shallow water near my  launch area.  I had visions of severe damage and a huge hole in the hull.  To my surprise, there was no damage at all to the hull or the box for the  dagger board.  The dagger board box is designed to take a lot of punishment.  The leading edge of the foil was damaged and the lower 15 cm of the dagger board had a crack on the leading edge.  Upon close inspection, the damage was so slight that 30 min of work with some epoxy and carbon fiber was all it took to make things as good as new.

    Full disclosure:  I am not associated in any way with CEC, and I am receiving no consideration from CEC for posting this review. »

    ⭐ ⭐   ⭐Taylor Benjamin Anderson, Hobie cat recreational sailor from Miami, after his first flight on iFLY:
    « I am at a loss for words to properly convey the feeling of sailing your boat but here is my best attempt:
    As a casual sailor with an average working knowledge of boats, I was extremely surprised how familiar the ifly 15 felt when I jumped on it to demo the boat in February of this year. I grew up sailing the Hobie family of catamarans but never raced and had never sailed a foiling craft but was immediately impressed by the self-leveling technology of the vessel. Michael, the inventor and builder assured me that I was able to focus on sailing the boat and not to be worried about trimming the foils. With just these few words of encouragement, I jumped on the ifly and found the boat to sail exactly like a traditional Hobie or Narca. Michael raised the jib, I brought her onto a broad reach and she really came alive. The vessel slowly raised above the chop, it was not jerky or scary, just a smooth ascent and then speed. We were clipping along at at least 15 knots with no slapping hulls or the violent jarring when sailing in a fresh breeze and open water. The deck was stable with lightning quick responses of the boat from any trimming of tiller or sheet. It was an experience I had never felt or fathomed and I had only been on the boat 10 minutes! Michael was extremely patience and passionately shared his creation with me for several hours. This boat makes a seasoned sailor feel like they are experiencing sailing for the first time. It is an almost indescribable feeling, the ultimate harnessing of the wind. By the end of the afternoon, I felt confident that I could handle the boat alone and cannot wait to sail it again!!

    iFLY15 and iFLY Razzor Pro

    The  Performance  foiling  catamaran 

    For maximum speed and maximum control

      • highest quality standards – High-tech full carbon sailboat
      • Adjustable rake during sailing for even more performance in the version IFLY Razzor Pro
      • completely modular – fully customizable
      • Foiling Versatility and Speed …
    The quality and performance has been proven for 8 years and further developed to maximum perfection in every detail

    unique Features

    Racing     and     More   ….
    in any sailing condition:
    Transport and Facilities
    Have a high performance racing machine on regattas
    single handed or double Foiling
    crew weight up to 180 kg
    Racing and fun:
    Sail with Family & friends
    Full foiling – upwind and downwind
    Waves and Flat waters
    Light and strong winds
    early take off
    Foiling maneuvers
    Easily transportable on a road trailer
    Slipped with a conventional beach trolley
    ready to sail in 20 minutes
    iFLY15 is designed to sail on the sea and lakes


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